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Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppies for sale

We want to introduce you to an important member of our family and farm...Sparrow, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   She is the best family dog we could have asked for, not only is she sweet and kind and gentle with our kids, but she is HYPOALLERGENIC and does NOT shed, and after some serious allergies to dogs in our family we feel blessed to have found the perfect breed for us.  Shes bonded with every member of our family and we are amazed at how intellegent and quick she picks up on things.  She helps with the chickens, and continues to keep unwanted animals out of our gardens without damaging crops.  She learned her boundaries super easy, and without fences of any kind she will stand and wait inside of her area for us to come back into her space.  Our kids adore her, they spend their days playing dress up with her, snuggling and running around the yard together.  She rarely barks, which has been wonderful, and shes super friendly with visitors to the farm, but is also protective over her people if she senses danger.  Wheaten terriers are traditionally considered an all around farm dog  who could rid the place of vermin, do a little hunting, and help guard the property against intruders, both animal and human.  Although they are noted to be adaptable to life in city or country as long as they get the exercise and attention they need. 

We are a small farm and this is our family dog, we know that sadly there are puppy mills out there, and we personally chose to spend more so as not to support something like that when we found our sparrow.   And because she was raised with a family we felt like we were able to bond quickly with her in a way that we couldn't have if she'd have been raised in that unfortunate situation. Our puppies our raised inside our home with three children to love and hold and expose them to what it's like to be a family dog. We hope to find them forever homes that will appreciate them as we do. THANKS! 

Puppies will come AKC registered with a health guarantee, Vet checkups, and all shots up to date.
We are asking $1800. If you have any question please feel free to

send us a message at

or give us a call or text at 717-830-0025 to find out more information or to set up a time to meet our puppies.

Their coats change color as they
turn into an adult. But don't
worry they always keep that
soft puppy fur!

Our girls have been calling this
puppy Fern. She is sweet,
lovable, and definitely playful!

Sparrow's such a good mother!
She's very attentive and her
puppies are growing soo fast,
we are amazed every day.

Milo- Sire of the puppies and
just as great with kids! So lucky
to have him be right next door,
so when you stop in to pick
out your puppy we can give
them a call so you can meet Milo

Sparrow proudly wearing a bow
JoJo made her. She loves to be
a part of the girls playtime and
is happy to pose for pictures!

Magnolia enjoying snuggletime with Sparrow.

Sparrow a few months old
relaxed and hanging out in
the family room.

Everyone playing in the snow
outside of our gardens.

She is happy to be Magnolia's
pillow during naptime.

Milo (Sire) and Sparrow hanging
out together.


One of Sparrow and Milo's
puppies, born December 27th